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Whether you earn $250,000 a year or $750,000 a year from your job, you may not be financially independent. A good question to ask yourself to test this is, “If I were to lose my job tomorrow, would I still have income streams and how much would they add up to?"

High income alone does not create true wealth. It is the first step (and an important step) in the process of building your net worth. Investing in the correct financial vehicles can afford you a control over your own life that most people will unfortunately never have the luxury of experiencing.

In this ebook I share my experiences of how I achieved financial freedom, and how you can do the same to create a life in which you can live life on your own terms and focus on your passions. The strategies outlined within are the result of decades of investing experience, research, and continuous learning. I hope it will give you a step up on the learning curve and help you avoid some of the setbacks I experienced before discovering how to use the "holy grail of real estate" to achieve financial independence.

This ebook is designed as a guide to our business and can be shared with others as well. It can be read in under an hour, or used as a reference to dive deeper with links to such topics as:

  • Why multifamily investing is "The Holy Grail" of real estate

  • How to organize your finances

  • A new collaboration on improving Net Operating Income that also features Grant Cardone

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