Ep. 12 BRYCE ROBERTSON INTERVIEW – 10,000 Miles To The American Dream, Investing In Mobile Home Parks, and Creating A Freedom Lifestyle Through Real Estate

“A group of blokes from down under moved to the U.S. to achieve financial freedom through U.S. real estate. They are livin’ the dream. Here’s how you can too!”

Real estate investing entrepreneur, syndicator, educator, best selling author, world traveler and adventurer, Bryce Robertson, "Your Australian Real Estate Mate." Bryce is an Australian native, with over 20 years experience in large commercial construction projects, real estate and business. He has traveled to 60 countries, over 6 continents, expanding wisdom and prosperity. Through operating business in 5 countries, over 3 continents, Bryce realized first hand, the abundant opportunity that exists investing in real estate, here in the mighty U.S of A.

Bryce began his real estate investing career with a net worth of negative $50,000 (yes, negative), unseasoned credit, and only $2,000 in the bank. Now Bryce is a full time investor, syndicator and educator. Having raised millions and a culmination of success in mobile home park investing, Bryce is humbled to have realized the fruits of financial freedom and lives a true freedom lifestyle.

Consequently, Bryce has committed to helping others achieve financial freedom through U.S. real estate investing, create their own self-designed freedom lifestyle through his education and investment syndications platform (syndications allow passive investors to have access to deals they otherwise would not have the experience or resources to access), at PropertyWorkzUSA.com. Bryce hosts a variety of educational events nationwide. Check out his upcoming events, live workshops, home study courses and best-selling book "10,000 Miles to the American Dream" at PropertyWorkzUSA.com.

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