Ep. 2 RICHARD WILSON INTERVIEW — Single Family Offices, How to Own a Niche Market, and Centimillionaire Migraines

What Business niche are You Looking to Own?

Learn how Richard Wilson Built His Business to Own One of the Most Exclusive Niches out There — Ultra-Wealthy Families worth $100 million or more (and how you can use his tactics to achieve your goals)

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Richard works with ultra-wealthy families ranging from $30 million to $3 billion each. Organizations that help the ultra-wealthy manage their wealth and lives are often called “family offices,” and Richard is the founder of The Family Office Club, the largest association of ultra-wealthy families worth $100 million and their family offices with over 1,600 registered members globally.

If you’d like a free copy of Richard’s new book, Centimillionaire Migraines, or have questions for him, you can email him at richard@familyoffices.com. You can also access free copies of his books Capital Raising and The Single Family Office.

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