Ep. 3 PETER CANNELL INTERVIEW – How to Invest and Create Value in Multifamily Real Estate, Trading Time for Money vs. Performance-Based Pay, and Setting Long-Term Strategies for Success

The “Holy Grail of Real Estate Investing”

On this episode, Peter Cannell shares why the multifamily real estate investing space is such a powerful vehicle for growing and protecting wealth and how people can get access to this space. He also outlines actions and strategies in his career that helped him get to where he is today.

Peter has been a real estate investor since 1999. He successfully invested in many types of real estate before finding and focusing his efforts on the “holy grail of real estate investing” in the multifamily space, which led him to found Cannell Capital Partners, a multifamily acquisitions and asset management company, in 2015.

Cannell Capital Partners reached their first milestone of $50 million assets under management in fewer than 2 years of their first acquisition and continue to move forward with purpose.

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