Ep. 5 JOHN HYRE INTERVIEW – What the New Tax Law Means for Real Estate Investors, Tax Benefits of Investing in Real Estate, and How to Write off Your Spring Break Trip to Puerto Rico

Are You Getting the Full Benefits of Using the Tax Code to Your Advantage?

John Hyre Shares His Insight on How You Can Make the Most of the Tax Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

If you have any questions regarding real estate tax law, John Hyre is an incredible (and entertaining) resource. John has extensive experience and a unique perspective on the topic as an attorney focused on real estate, IRA & tax planning, and fighting the IRS, as well as being an accountant and real estate investor.

Following working in the corporate world, including as a tax counsel for a Fortune 500 company, John went the entrepreneurial route and launched his own law practice and accounting practice in Columbus, Ohio. John has been in business for himself for over a decade, and he is now in the process of moving his family and business to Puerto Rico (you’ll learn why in the show – hint: it has to do with going from the top tax bracket to an effective rate of 6%).

We think you’ll get a lot out of this episode and as John says of his workshops, “the sheer quality and quantity of information will cause you to bleed from the nose and ears. Bring a hanky.” You’ll also hear his favorite story about fighting the IRS.

Learn more about John’s April 10-12 + 15-16 Workshop in Puerto Rico (you can write the entire trip off on your taxes). At the workshop you will learn about SDIRA’s/401k’s, the (updated) new tax law, entities & asset protection, and superior tax saving strategies.

You can find free resources on many of the topics we discussed on the show on John’s websites, realestatetaxlaw.com and iralawyer.com.

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