Ep. 7 JOHN HYRE PART 2 – Learn to Grow Your Retirement Accounts From a Seed to a Forest Through Tax-Free Real Estate Investing

Do you know the full potential of your retirement accounts for real estate investments?

John Hyre shares details on the power that comes with leveraging your retirement accounts in the proper way for real estate investments and explains how you can use Roth-style accounts no matter how high your income level is.

If you have any questions regarding real estate tax law, John Hyre is an incredible (and entertaining) resource. John has extensive experience and a unique perspective on the topic as an attorney focused on real estate, IRA & tax planning, and fighting the IRS, as well as being an accountant and real estate investor. 

John’s insight on how to grow your retirement accounts, not only grow them, but grow them tax-free, is highly valuable.

As John says, “There are ways that smaller accounts can be made into significantly larger accounts. That seed, that tiny little seed that is your $5,000 IRA can be grown, like an acorn, into a massive oak. Not just an oak, but an oak that itself throws off acorns. That acorn can grow into a forest if done right.”

In case you missed our first episode with John, you can find it here: JOHN HYRE INTERVIEW – What the New Tax Law Means for Real Estate Investors, Tax Benefits of Investing in Real Estate, and How to Write off Your Spring Break Trip to Puerto Rico.

John Hyre’s Resources For You

You can dive even deeper into this in John’s new book, “The Solo 401k: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to a Powerful Pension Plan.”

You can find free resources on many of the topics we discussed on the show on John’s websites, realestatetaxlaw.com and iralawyer.com.

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