Ep. 8 MICHAEL ZUBER INTERVIEW – Don’t Be C.R.A.P. (Cash Rich, Asset Poor), Be A.R.C.H. (Asset Rich, Cash Happy): How to Achieve Financial Independence through Real Estate

What’s your real estate investment strategy?

Michael Zuber shares insight on how you can substantially improve your life through the right approach to real estate investing.

Michael Zuber is a full-time real estate investor and author of “One Rental At A Time: How to Achieve Financial Independence through Real Estate.”

In this episode, Michael shares how losing 6 figures in the stock market led him to real estate investing and describes his initial strategy to buy and hold several single-family homes. He discusses his realization around the cash flow potential of small multifamily properties, sharing how he leveraged the 1031 exchange to transition from 8 to 80 units in 18 months – right before the crash in 2008.  

Michael offers insight around his strategy during the financial crisis, how he opened his mind to multifamily, and how he might have accelerated his journey to financial freedom if he knew what he knows today when he first got started.

Michael’s focus is on helping people believe they can get to “4 rentals,” as reaching this milestone can change your family’s lives in a huge way. He also believes we need to help the next generation understand that they don’t have to work in a job they don’t like for 40 years hoping for a good retirement.

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